Adaptivity in My Reading Academy™️

Adaptive learning, also known as adaptive teaching, uses individualized learning experiences based on a student’s in-game performance. Rather than a one-size-fits-all experience, My Reading Academy gathers information for each student and provides a custom learning experience that “adapts” as they learn.

A personalized Mastery Learning System provides the right content at the right time for each student. The system ensures that students have a strong foundation based on the concept of Architecture of Understanding™.

Key functions served by the adaptive system include:

  • Personalized learning paths: The system recommends which game to play next by showing three options in a game hub for students to choose from. The system uses each child’s game-play performance to decide what they are ready to learn next, ensuring every child gets a customized learning path. The student performance history and the node map structure are used to make these recommendations. A node map is a network of games and their prerequisite relationships. Students move forward and backward on this map as they gain or lose skills/knowledge.
  • Dynamic scaffolding and in-game customizing: The program scaffolds to successfully complete a problem before allowing students to move on. It reduces the cognitive load of the task, allowing the student to focus on key concepts. The system also customizes datasets inside games. For example, when a student replays a game, we give them a different dataset compared to the first play-through. This helps us ensure that students don’t just memorize the correct answer to pass a game.
  • Initial Placement: when new students start playing My Reading Academy, the system presents a pretest experience as a way to conduct an efficient assessment.
  • Generate data: The system gathers data and places each student at the most appropriate starting point. Generated data allow educators to make informed decisions.

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