Age of Learning Foundation Responsibilities

The Age of Learning Foundation functions as a full partner in the design and implementation of the program. 

By invitation from the education ministry, the Foundation will support the introduction, piloting, and scaling of the personalized mastery learning program. 



Develop operating framework for program delivery, including deployment of resources, use of technology, teaching and learning strategies, community engagement, and success metrics. 


Provide digital solutions, professional development, and institution building support at no cost. As possible, assist partner country efforts secure minimum technology requirements in schools.


Serve on the program steering committee. Guide program implementation, manage systems and processes for program success, and facilitate gradual release to ministry full ownership.


Provide in-person, virtual, and asynchronous professional development and institution building support to education ministry, schools, and implementing partners. 


Provide officials, leaders, and educators with capacity building support to strengthen MoE mastery learning policy, funding, and delivery capabilities. 


Provide monitoring processes and tools and support to help education ministry and implementing partners to interpret, reflect, and act upon program performance and process data.


Through the steering committee, approve external evaluation providers and activities. This may include funding, or sourcing funding to cover, the cost of external evaluation. 

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