Are there printable resources that can be used in the classroom?

The Educator Center offers printable resources that can be used in the classroom. These resources are recommended activities that can be accessed in three ways: 


  • Individual student report: You can find the option to extend activities by clicking on the link provided in the student’s individual report. 
  • Skills report: To make data actionable with recommended activities, you can click on the link in the skills report. 
  • Resources: On the menu section, there is a resource link. Click on the link and select view details and then choose skills and concepts. From there, you can select a specific skill and access recommended activities. 


The recommended activity typically includes the following components:   

  1. Brief description: A concise explanation of the activity’s purpose and objectives. 
  2. Materials list: A list of all the materials required to conduct the activity. 
  3. Downloads to print: Printable resources that you can use during the activity. 
  4. Setup directions: Instructions on how to set up the activity. 
  5. How to complete the activity: Step-by-step guidelines on how to conduct the activity. 


These recommended activities can be used for one-to-one tutoring or as part of small group activities in the classroom. They are designed to enhance the learning experience and provide valuable educational content for students. You can explore these resources and find suitable activities to use in your classroom. 


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