Does the Age of Learning Foundation charge for its programs and services?

The Age of Learning Foundation provides its digital learning solutions, professional development services, capacity building, and institutional strengthening support to education systems, schools, classrooms, and households, at no cost.

That said, we recognize that there are others investments that need to be made. Especially those related to children’s access to electricity, connectivity, and devices for learning.

Funding is also required to support measured replication and scaling of mastery learning program delivery from initial piloting to national mainstream levels over time.  

We therefore collaborate actively with governments, implementers, and education philanthropy partners, to identify domestic and international sources of funding to support these additional needs. 

Through collective effort, we can help children experience mastery learning and other digital learning initiatives, seamlessly and continuously both at school and at home.  

Our end goal is to help governments design their own policy, funding, and delivery mechanisms to provide mastery learning sustainably and effectively

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