Evaluation Sequence

Evaluation Cycle

The Age of Learning Foundation’s Mastery Learning Program is designed around a three-year implementation cycle (Feasibility; Demonstration; Core Program).

Our approach to program evaluation therefore follows the same three-year cycle. 

During the Feasibility and Demonstration phases, priority is given to monitoring our process and performance assumptions. We work to ensure that the program can be implemented contextually, relevantly, and responsively, given situationally-specific opportunities and challenges. 

Outcome evaluation and impact assessment are largely preserved for the Core Program phase of the project, which begins in essence in year 3.


Year Zero

The Mastery Learning Program technically has a year zero. This is a planning year, dedicated to the following:

  1. Conducting feasibility studies, ecosystem mappings, and technology and infrastructure readiness reviews
  2. Mobilizing stakeholders to eliminate barriers that may prevent children from learning
  3. Creating a conducive environment for mastery learning and program implementation
  4. Securing the funding required to support the three-year runway to core program implementation
  5. Identifying government champions and implementing partners
  6. Executing memorandums of understanding with the education ministry and local implementing partners
  7. Identifying participating schools
  8. Initiating capacity strengthening, institution building, and professional development activities 

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