How can ISPs and telcos support the Age of Learning Foundation’s mission?

The Age of Learning Foundation is eager to partner with ISPs (Internet service providers) and telcos to expand children’s access to Internet connectivity and digital devices that can support mastery learning in schools and homes.

Since we are working to provide mastery learning opportunities to as many children as possible, at national scale, and across multiple countries, we need the partnership and collaboration of ISPs and telcos.

Many of the communities, schools, and householder that the Age of Learning Foundation will serve may not have sufficient financial resources to cover the cost of Internet access either whole or in part

Internet service providers who understand children’s education to be core and central to both business success and national economic development, will understand the opportunity to support mastery learning.

We therefore invite Internet service providers to partner with us as we strive to serve children in the countries and communities where they provide services. 

Some organizations may consider either zero-rating or subsidizing costs associated with Internet access for mutually agreed periods of time.

Some telcos may also be in the position to contribute digital devices, data, and other solutions and services at low- or no cost to support learning.

Some ISPs and telcos may value the opportunity to make corporate social responsibility contributions in support of mastery learning.

However the support manifests from ISPs and telcos, we believe that these providers of key services should be close-tie partners in national conversations about how children’s learning might be radically improved.

The Age of Learning Foundation will be glad to explore the possibility of partnership with prospective partners.

Please contact us to express your interest.

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