How do we get started?

The Age of Learning Foundation provides a guided program implementation and a digital mastery toolkit. The guided program implementation pathway involves a more hands-on approach and direct support. The digital toolkit provides comprehensive documentation for self-guided implementation.  

Guided Program Implementation 

This pathway involves a more hands-on approach and direct support from the Age of Learning Foundation‘s program implementation team. The key stages of this pathway include: 

  • Technology Readiness: Guiding our partners through the technical requirements and identifying digital solutions. 

  • Planning: Working with our partner to develop a plan and identify the resources and professional development required for a smooth implementation. 

  • Credentialing and Rostering Process: Providing professional development on organizing and managing student rosters to ensure proper licensing and access. 

  • Launching Process: Providing professional development on applications, ensuring a successful launch of the program, and addressing any issues that may arise during initial usage. 


Digital Toolkit 

This pathway offers a self-guided implementation approach, where the school or organization can use comprehensive documentation provided by the Age of Learning Foundation. The toolkit includes information on various processes, such as: 

  • Program Success Introduction: Resources addressing implementation, digital learning solutions, and the help process. 

  • Technology Readiness: Resources focusing on technical requirements and solutions for smooth implementation. 

  • Onboarding Process: Resources highlighting professional development, time requirements, and roles and permissions. 

  • Student Rostering: Resources addressing managing teacher credentials, student rosters and licenses, and information for proper usage. 

  • Program Launch: Resources focusing on ensuring successful student and teacher engagement with the solutions. 

  • Learning Progress Data: Resources focusing on accessing and utilizing data to monitor and personalize learning experiences. 


Collaboration will begin with a more guided, hands-on approach provided by the Age of Learning Foundation initially. 

Whether engaged in guided program implementation or the digital toolkit, the Age of Learning Foundation aims to support schools and organizations in implementing adaptive mastery learning solutions and discovery solutions effectively. 

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