How does the Age of Learning Foundation partner with Governments?

The Age of Learning Foundation is helping to end learning poverty by bringing adaptive mastery learning solutions and other digital applications to schools and homes around the world.

We believe that all children can learn when given the chance to grasp the knowledge and command the skills they need to be literate and numerate, with the social-emotional, digital, and life skills they need to thrive.

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How we collaborate

We work in low- and lower-middle-income countries across Africa, Central America, South Asia, and the Middle East. We seek to partner with the ministries of education, technology, and finance, and other stakeholders in each country where we are invited.

Together, we aim to pilot, evidence, and mainstream mastery learning programs and other supportive initiatives designed to improve learning for children from early childhood through fourth grade.

These are the critical child development stages during which learning poverty can be defeated.

Through the innovation and generosity of the Age of Learning Inc., we can provide digital learning solutions, professional development services, and capacity strengthening and institution building support, all at no cost, to our government and nongovernment partners.

Please visit our delivery model page for more information on our partnership framework.

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