Impact Assessment

Throughout the implementation of our programs, we believe it important to revisit the assumptions inherent in our theory of change, our logic model, and our impact strategies and processes. We therefore ask ourselves the following questions: 

Impact Evaluation Questions 

• Why is the program important? 

• How was the program supposed to work? 

• Who was the program supposed to benefit? 

• Where did our assumptions hold or break? 

• What other key assumptions might we have missed? 

• What gaps were there in our approach? 

• What worked well? 

• What did not work? 

• What could we have done better? 

• How effective was the program? 

• How efficient was the program? 

• How impactful was the program? 

• How precise was the correlation between our intentions, efforts, and outcomes? 

• What intrinsic and/or extrinsic factors positively or negatively affected our program?

• What impact did the program have on people? 

• How successfully did we implement? 

• How much was the program adopted? 

• Did we produce actionable evidence from our work? 

• How replicable is the program? 

• How scalable is the program? 

• How sustainable is the program, especially after we exit? 

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