Implementing Partner Responsibilities

Implementing partners will offer on-the-ground program implementation support, as required by the education ministry and the Age of Learning Foundation. 



Leverages contextual experience to help design best-case implementation approaches. This may include helping to identify schools, facilitating local relationships, and sourcing local resources.


Support efforts to secure connectivity and devices in schools, covering such costs directly, or securing from other stakeholders. Where possible, apply its own resources towards program success. 


Allocate academic and technology program coordinators, as required by the program under the direction of the steering committee, to support school-level implementation, as needed. 


Coordinate in-person professional development activities at local levels, as needed. This may include facilitating selection of locations, event preparation, cost reimbursements, etc. 


Make provision for officials, leaders, and educators to participate in capacity building supported by the Foundation to strengthen MoE mastery learning policy, funding, and delivery capabilities. 


Subject to mutual agreement between the parties, help the Foundation identify any additional personnel required to support program implementation and monitoring.


If a member of the program steering committee, support the determination of program evaluation needs and inform engagement of external specialists. 

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