Partner with us to implement our Mastery Learning Program.

The Age of Learning Foundation is partnering with implementing organizations committed to driving impactful change. Together, we can help education systems pilot, evidence, and scale new approaches to help children master what they learn. 

Partnership Goals

Our Mastery Learning Program is a collaborative initiative between partner governments, the Age of Learning Foundation, and local implementing partners. Our collective goal is to help education systems improve learning outcomes by implementing evidence-based digital learning solutions and mastery learning approaches in schools across low- and lower-middle-income-countries.

By partnering with us, local implementing partners can help:

  • Support innovation by introducing personalized mastery learning.
  • Strengthen collaboration in education delivery.   
  • Improve teaching and learning in local communities.

Our Mastery Learning Solutions

When you partner with the Age of Learning Foundation, the students in your country get to learn with mastery learning solutions at no cost.

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My Math Academy® is a personalized math solution, powered by learning science and adaptive technology, that helps learners in pre-kindergarten through 2nd grade master fundamental math concepts and skills. 

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My Reading Academyis a game-based adaptive learning system featuring games, reading, and videos designed to help pre-kindergarteners to second graders build mastery of fundamental literacy skills.

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Partner Requirements

What We Seek

We seek partners who share our commitment to quality education and sustainable impact. We are looking for organizations that exhibit:


Compatibility with our program goals and competence in education delivery.


Capability to efficiently handle program logistics, resources, and execution.


Ability to work effectively with stakeholders and impact change.


Capacity to maintain program impact over time and expand its reach.


Commitment to excellence, and ability to adjust to changing circumstances.


Transparency in information sharing and positive relationships within the community.

Our Program

Our program is structured in three phases

  • Feasibility Pilot that allows us to work closely with a few schools and refine our strategies. 
  • Demonstration Phase with up to 100 schools, establishing best practices and scaling strategies. 
  • Core Program scaling to national levels, focusing on excellence, outcomes, and sustainability.

Get Involved

  1. Learn More: Dive deeper into our program details, impact, and success stories on this website.
  2. Submit Your Proposal: If your organization aligns with our goals, submit a proposal following the guidelines provided.
  3. Collaborate: If selected, join our network of partners dedicated to transforming learning.
  4. Make an Impact: Work hand-in-hand with schools, communities, and policymakers to drive meaningful change.

Ready to Make a Difference in Education?

Join us to help improve education. Together, we can support education ministries as they help: (i) children master what they learn; (ii) teachers meet individual learner needs; (iii) families more actively engage in learning; and (iv) education systems meaningfully progress towards ending learning poverty.

Learn More about Partnering

Dive deeper to understand our Mastery Learning Program and our approaches to partnership with Implementing organizations.

70 percent of children worldwide are facing learning poverty. They are reaching the age of 10 without being able to read simple sentences, complete basic math, establish strong learner identities, or build social relationships. 

We can help children master what they learn.

The zone of proximal development

You have heard of athletes getting into the “zone.” Learning is just like that. There is a zone where children can experience “learning flow”. Lev Vygotsky, the Russian child psychologist, called it the Zone of Proximal Development. It is that remarkable space where learning is neither too difficult nor too easy. It is just right to help children build a true love of learning and acquire the tools and skills they need to master what they learn.

One-to-one mastery learning for all

Benjamin Bloom, the American education psychologist, discovered that children who receive one-to-one mastery learning perform much better than peers in conventional classrooms. Bloom therefore challenged the world to identify methods of group instruction that could be as effective as one-to-one tutoring. The Age of Learning Foundation is answering Bloom’s call through the work we do in partner countries.