Ministry of Education Responsibilities

While the Age of Learning Foundation and any implementing partners will work closely with the education ministry on all aspects of the program as key partners, the ministry is the champion and chief implementor of the Mastery Learning Program. 



Program leadership, chairing of the program steering committee, and appoint academic and technology leaders to support the program at the national, provincial, district, and school levels. 


Ensure that internet connectivity and digital devices meet minimum technology requirements to support the mastery learning solutions and overall program implementation with fidelity. 


Direct educators to organize school and classroom schedules to accommodate a time-on-task threshold of 60 minutes per week on the mastery learning solutions for each learner.


Allocate time for school leaders, and teachers to receive professional development in mastery learning from the Foundation, through asynchronous, virtual, and in-person modalities. 


Make provision for officials, leaders, and educators to participate in capacity building supported by the Foundation to strengthen MoE mastery learning policy, funding, and delivery capabilities. 


Appoint teams at the national, provincial, and local levels to collaborate with the Foundation and implementing partners for program monitoring. 


If education ministry desires an independent external evaluation specialist, different from one selected by the Foundation, the ministry shall do so at its own expense. 

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