Our Programs

We provide learning programs and solutions designed to help children master foundational, social-emotional, and digital skills.

Our programs

We prioritize learner identity, literacy, numeracy, English language, social-emotional, digital, and life skills in the programs we offer. 

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Math Mastery

IdentityFoundationalSocial EmotionalLife Skills

According to UNESCO, over 70 percent of the world’s children cannot read simple sentences or complete basic math tasks by age 10. The World Bank calls this “learning poverty.” 

We partner with education systems to bring My Math Academy®, an adaptive mastery learning solution, into classrooms and homes. We also support ministries and schools through institution strengthening and capacity building activities. Our program is designed to help schools implement personalized mastery learning effectively, so that children can build foundational numeracy skills, even as they gain exposure to social-emotional competencies. 

Reading Mastery


Our Reading Mastery program launches in 2024. We plan to introduce My Reading Academy, an adaptive mastery learning solution focused on literacy, to schools in our partner countries.

Equipped with this solution in their classrooms, teachers will have opportunity to personalize children’s acquisition of reading skills. Through professional development support provided by the Foundation, teachers will also have opportunity to explore ways to interweave both digital and non-digital reading activities into learning as they help children pursue mastery.  

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English Learning


In Costa Rica, we have partnered with the Ministry of Public Education to offer ABCmouse Aprende Inglés, an English language learning solution, in schools and homes. ABCmouse Aprende Inglés teaches English as a second language in the same natural sequence that children are accustomed to learn their native language. It begins with listening and understanding, then advances to speaking, phonics, reading, and writing. 

Educational TV


Age of Learning Foundation partners with TV broadcasters in multiple countries. We provide hours of educational video programming that cover topics like literacy, numeracy, science, art, technology, geography, English language learning, music, and more. 

This programming is designed to support learning discovery. As children begin to build their learner identities, our television shows give them exposure to foundational knowledge and skills in ways that can engage, delight, and inspire.

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Our programs have the potential to reach children
across the world, with your help.

When we collaborate, the difference can be significant. Learn more about what we do. Then, let’s dream about what is possible if we put our hearts, minds, and efforts together.

70 percent of children worldwide are facing learning poverty. They are reaching the age of 10 without being able to read simple sentences, complete basic math, establish strong learner identities, or build social relationships. 

Let's help them get a real chance to learn.

The Zone of Proximal Development

You have heard of athletes getting into the “zone.” Learning is just like that. There is a zone where children can experience “learning flow.” Lev Vygotsky, the Russian child psychologist, called it the Zone of Proximal Development. It is that remarkable space where learning is neither too difficult nor too easy. It is just right to help children build a true love of learning and acquire the tools and skills they need for mastery.

One-to-one mastery learning for all

Benjamin Bloom, the American education psychologist, discovered that children who receive one-to-one mastery learning perform much better than peers in conventional classrooms. Bloom therefore challenged the world to identify methods of group instruction that could be as effective as one-to-one tutoring. The Age of Learning Foundation is answering Bloom’s call in our partner countries.