Outcomes Evaluation

Outcome evaluation enables us to investigate whether our theory of change and our programs achieve the results and impact we desire. It also gives us a chance to assess the effectiveness, efficiency, scalability, replicability, and sustainability of our program.

Program has six core outcomes: 


Children discover their Mastery Learner Identities, and demonstrate their continuous growth in curiosity, confidence, capability, and creativity.


Teachers develop into effective mastery learning tutors who can expertly guide each child’s progress and achievement.


Families foster home learning environments that contribute to each child’s Personalized Mastery Learning Ecosystem™.


Schools transform into mastery learning centers of excellence that implement the mastery learning programs with fidelity.

Education Systems

Education ministries optimize policies, funding, and delivery systems for mastery learning.

Value Networks

Partner companies, organizations, funders, and institutions help eliminate the barriers that may prevent from children learning. 

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