Bring Mastery Learning to your school and classrooms

The Age of Learning Foundation is excited to partner with private school networks, associations, and schools, in low- and lower-middle-income countries, to help children discover their Mastery Learner Identity

Partnering with Private Schools

In many low- and lower-middle-income countries, private schools are an important option for families seeking to educate their children.  In many cases, private schools are an integral part of the education system and can make important contributions to help end learning poverty. 

At the Age of Learning Foundation, our mission it to help all children learn, no matter what form of school they may attend.

That is why we actively encourage private schools to partner with us, alongside government schools, to bring mastery learning to children in their classrooms.

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Our Mastery Learning Solutions

When you partner with the Age of Learning Foundation, your students get to learn with mastery learning solutions at no cost to your school or the families you serve.

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My Math Academy® is a personalized math solution, powered by learning science and adaptive technology, that helps learners in pre-kindergarten through 2nd grade master fundamental math concepts and skills. 

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My Reading Academy™ is a game-based adaptive learning system featuring games, reading, and videos designed to help pre-kindergarteners to second graders build mastery of fundamental literacy skills.

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How We Partner

Our Approach

The Age of Learning Foundation invites private and non-government schools, as well as school networks and associations to partner with us to bring mastery learning to the children you serve. 


Our first step in partnership is to sit on the same side of the table and co-create a vision and implementing plan for mastery learning at your school.


With a plan and agreement in place, we introduce the solutions to your school and onboard leaders, teachers, technologists, and learners.


We help you implement the program with fidelity so that learners, teachers, and families can practice and perfect their contributions to mastery learning.


We provide ongoing professional development, data analytics, and other support as your school strives to become a Mastery Learning Center of Excellence

Join our Mastery Learning Excellence Network of Private Schools

Connect with schools and school associations from across the world. Enjoy various opportunities as you help the children you educate to master what they learn.

Private School Learners

Get Involved

The Mastery Excellence Network of Private Schools is an emerging community of nongovernment schools and organizations that are committed to helping the children they serve master what they learn. Find out below why you should join.

The Mastery Excellence Network of Private Schools

How it Works

The Age of Learning Foundation is partnering with private schools in low- and lower-middle income countries to help children master what they learn. 

Mastery Program

Launch in your school

Help your students grow more curious, confident, capable, and creative as they master what they learn.

Capacity Building

Implement with fidelity

Let our professional development approach boost the mastery learning skills of your teachers, technologists, and leaders.

Learning Excellence

Become a Center of Excellence

Transform your school into a Mastery Learning Center of Excellence with the right conditions to improve learning.

Global Connections

Share best practices

Be part of our global mastery learning communities for practice for school leaders, teachers, and technologists.


Show your progress

Schools learn from each other. Your story can help others schools improve teaching and learning in classrooms and homes.

Broader Support

Help improve learning

Use your experiential knowledge to help the education system in your country to fundamentally improve learning for all.

Bring Mastery Learning
to your school

Let us help you blend the best of learning science and learning technology to create learning ecosystems where your learners can thrive. Mastery learners never stop learning.

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70 percent of children worldwide are facing learning poverty. They are reaching the age of 10 without being able to read simple sentences, complete basic math, establish strong learner identities, or build social relationships. 

We can help children master what they learn.

The zone of proximal development

You have heard of athletes getting into the “zone.” Learning is just like that. There is a zone where children can experience “learning flow”. Lev Vygotsky, the Russian child psychologist, called it the Zone of Proximal Development. It is that remarkable space where learning is neither too difficult nor too easy. It is just right to help children build a true love of learning and acquire the tools and skills they need to master what they learn.

One-to-one mastery learning for all

Benjamin Bloom, the American education psychologist, discovered that children who receive one-to-one mastery learning perform much better than peers in conventional classrooms. Bloom therefore challenged the world to identify methods of group instruction that could be as effective as one-to-one tutoring. The Age of Learning Foundation is answering Bloom’s call through the work we do in partner countries.