Professional Development

Education system readiness

Successful delivery of the Mastery Learning Program will depend on the degree to which partner country education systems have the readiness to implement with fidelity. 

Beyond minimum technology requirements, the factor that most influences education system readiness is human capacity. Do education officials, administrators, technologists, and educators have the knowledge, expertise, experience, support they need to fulfill their Mastery Learning Program responsibilities?

To succeed in helping children discover their Mastery Learner Identity, schools and classrooms must become mastery learning centers of excellence. That means: 

  • integrating digital solutions into the cadence of school life;
  • ensuring all children receive 60 minutes per week learning time on the solutions;
  • equipping teachers to use real-time data and new resources to support offline one-to-one tutoring; and,
  • actively engaging parents in learning activities that reinforce mastery learning at home. 


In this equation, teachers are the frontline workers who must be supported by school leaders, academic coaches, and technology officers, as well as administrators and officials at the district, provincial and national levels. To play their part well, each of these stakeholder groups will need effectual professional development. 

Our approach to professional development

The Age of Learning Foundation employs a structure of professional development that includes orientation, onboarding, and ongoing capacity strengthening

Our delivery methods include in-person, virtual, and asynchronous engagements designed to build program implementation capabilities among implementation stakeholders.  


1. OrientationIntroducing implementation stakeholders to the Age of Learning Foundation, its solutions, approaches, and to the Mastery Learning Program itself. Orientation activities also create shared understanding of program objectives and desired outcomes at each stage and phase. 

2. OnboardingSelection of schools, rostering of teachers and students within the application and educator dashboard, and the downloading, setup, and activation of our mastery learning solutions on school digital devices.

3. Ongoing DevelopmentEngagement of Foundation’s “4E” implementation framework to support continual progression of classrooms, schools, and the education system as a whole towards mastery learning excellence. 

EstablishProvision of knowledge of mastery learning, implementation process, key responsibilities, performance goals, evaluation strategies, and expected outcomes.

EquipTraining and development in planning, preparation, procedures, processes, and practices required to implement mastery learning with fidelity.

ExecutePractical experience and coaching in the delivery of mastery learning in schools and classrooms, as against agreed goals and measures for learner development.

ExamineReflective space to assess student progress, educator performance, family engagement, school improvement, system growth, and program implementation fidelity.

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