Standards for External Evaluation Partners

In line with guidelines from the American Evaluation Association, the Age of Learning Foundation holds external evaluators to the following standards:

1. Systematic InquiryWe expect evaluators to conduct systematic, data-driven processes of inquiry. Processes that make transparent the strengths and limitations of the proposed evaluation design, and employ highest technical standards with methods that deliver accuracy and detail. 

2. CompetenceEvaluators should be qualified, demonstrate cultural competency, and be committed to ongoing professional development. 

3. Integrity and HonestyEvaluators should act in an upright and truthful manner throughout the evaluation process, disclosing conflicts of interest, being transparent with information, just with pricing, and sincere with evaluation findings and conclusions. 

4. Respect for PeopleEvaluators should respect the security, dignity, and self-worth of respondents, participants, clients, and other stakeholders, considering and communicating possible risks, harms, and burdens that the evaluation could impose upon them. Evaluators should foster social equity by ensuring that people who share information also benefit from their contributions. 

4. Responsibility for General and Public WelfareEvaluators should be inclusive of stakeholders, confidential with information; and protective of the public good throughout the evaluation process. 

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