What does the Foundation do?

The Age of Learning Foundation is focused on helping to end learning poverty

70 percent of the world’s children are not able to read simple sentences or complete basic math tasks by the time they reach 10 years old

They are also being denied opportunity to develop social-emotional competencies, digital literacy, and other life skills. 

This is a global crisis. But it can be solved by giving children opportunity to master what they learn. 

Our Focus on Mastery Learning

The Foundation takes following steps to help end learning poverty in our partner countries:

  • We introduce mastery learning solutions into classrooms and homes.
  • We help children discover their Mastery Learner Identity.
  • We help teachers become effective Mastery Learning Tutors.
  • We get parents involved in learning to put each child at the center of a Personalized Mastery Learning Ecosystem (PMLE™), supported by teacher, technology, and family.
  • We help schools transform into Mastery Learning Centers of Excellence.
  • We help education systems plan, fund, and deliver mastery learning with fidelity.
  • We mobilize other government, corporate, philanthropic and other stakeholders to help eliminate the barriers that might prevent children from learning
Learn more about our theory of change.

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