What does the Foundation expect from Government partners?

In most countries, government is the main policymaker, funder, and service provider within the education sector

Along with others, the ministries of education, technology, and finance each play key roles in establishing and sustaining the expertise, capacity, resources, systems, and infrastructure needed to support education delivery. 

While the Age of Learning Foundation gladly plays a significant role in helping launch and scale mastery learning programs and other digital learning initiatives, we do so at the invitation of partner countries. 

As such, we view the government as the chief actor and central champion of mastery learning. Therefore, in the ideal partnership and collaboration, the ministries of education, technology, and finance would play the following vital roles: 

  • Ministry of Finance: Establish fiscal environment and financial strategies that support sustainable delivery of mastery learning at national scale.
  • Ministry of Technology: Ensure that all schools, community centers, and households have access to electricity, connectivity, and devices for learning.
  • Ministry of Education: Develop institutions, expertise, capacity, systems, conditions, environments, and practices to implement mastery learning with fidelity.


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