What emails and websites need to be whitelisted?

The Age of Learning Foundation will send important information via email. To avoid emails from the Age of Learning Foundation going to spam, you should whitelist the following email addresses: 

  1. Educate@AofL.com
  2. Educate@Email.AgeofLearning.com
  3. @AofL.org 


As for whitelisting websites, you should allow traffic on ports 80 and 443 and whitelist the following domains: 

  1. *.MyMathAcademy.com
  2. *.MyReadingAcademy.com
  3. *.Sentry.com
  4. *.ABCmouse.com
  5. *.Adjust.com
  6. *.Unity3D.com
  7. *.Crashlytics.com
  8. *.Fabric.io
  9. zendesk.com


These whitelisting measures will help ensure that emails from the Age of Learning Foundation and related information from the listed domains can pass through spam blockers. This will allows users access the associated websites without any restrictions from the school’s firewall. 

Please note that the Age of Learning Foundation does not provide support for whitelisting emails or websites. Schools are advised to work closely with their technical support teams, which may include school-based or Ministry of Education-based support, to resolve any issues related to whitelisting. 


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