What is required for Government-Foundation partnership?

The Age of Learning Foundation is delighted to partner with governments that are focused on ending learning poverty in their education systems.

Our approach to partnership begins with mutual interest to build meaningful working relationships and deep understanding of partner country education sector plans and goals.

We try to identify key champions within the ministries of education, technology, and finance, to guide, advise, and lead the development of mastery learning opportunities for children. 

We study the national education policy, funding, and delivery systems and strategies to obtain a contextually-relevant, and culturally-sensitive appreciation of sector challenges and opportunities.

We follow national requirements and guidelines for partnership, seeking opportunities to showcase our solutions and work. We believe that the best way to assess what works is to see it in action.

We therefore look to operationalize each partnership with a small-scale pilot through which all parties can begin to define, discover, dream, design, and ultimately deploy and deliver mastery learning programs with fidelity at scale.

At the appropriate time, we endeavor to draft, agree upon, and then sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU).

The MOU is an agreement made directly with government, or local implementing partners, or both. It sets the agenda for our collaboration and outlines the nature, scope, and terms of our collective work to help end learning poverty.

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