What is the Educator Center?

The Educator Center is a comprehensive platform designed to assist educators in managing and monitoring the usage of products by districts, schools, and students.  

Key features of the Educator Center include: 

  • Student Rosters and Licenses: The platform allows designated staff to create and manage student rosters and licenses. Staff can use a roster template to input student information and then upload it to the Educator Center. 
  • Student Learning: The Educator Center provides valuable learning data on how students interact with adaptive learning solutions such as My Math Academy® and My Reading Academy™️. This data allows educators to see specific concepts students are learning, identify areas where they may need additional support, and create small groups for differentiated instruction. 
  • Student Progress: The platform’s dashboards offer insights into student usage and progress. Educators can track the number of minutes learners use the educational solutions daily and weekly. Furthermore, educators can monitor students’ mastery of skills and see how they are progressing over time. 
  • Student Information: The Educator Center enables teachers to view and manage student demographic information and licenses assigned to each student. It also allows for updating personal information and performing administrative tasks such as adding, deleting, archiving, or moving students within the platform. 


The Educator Center can be accessed here.  

Mastery Learning Coordinator, School Leaders, and Educators can log in to this platform to utilize its features and gain valuable insights into their students’ learning and progress using adaptive learning solutions. 

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