What is the process for requesting login credentials?

The Age of Learning Foundation guides partners through the process of setting up credentials, including identifying an administrator for the Educator Center, and permissions for users. 

Credentials include email address for the username and a password.  The process for requesting login credentials from the Age of Learning Foundation involves the following steps: 

  • Determine Access and Permission Levels: The partner organization needs to decide who will have access to the Educator Center and what level of permission each user should have. Administrator level allows full access to view all data, assign teacher credentials, and manage student licenses. Licenses for the country, school, or partner will be assigned to this administrator for distribution to students.
  • Provide Administrator Email Addresses and Permissions: The partner organization provides the email addresses of administrators who will have access to the Educator Center, along with their designated level of permission to the Age of Learning Foundation.  The partner organization provides the number of licenses needed for the adaptive mastery learning solutions and discovery learning solutions they have selected.
  • Provide Class Level Email: The partner organization needs to provide a class-level email address for each class. It is recommended to create a specific email for the classroom. For example: 1stgrade@xyzschool.com. If the school doesn’t have its own domain, class emails can be created in any free webmail provider like Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, or Hotmail. For example: 1stgradexyzschool@gmail.com.
  • Submit a Support Ticket: To initiate the process, the partner organization should complete a support ticket. Within the ticket description, a shared link from a cloud-based platform owned by the school (e.g., Google G Suite, Nextcloud, OneDrive, SharePoint) should be provided with permissions for rostering@aofl.org to view.  The partner organization needs to provide the list of administrator emails, class emails, and the number of licenses required for each class to the Age of Learning Foundation‘s Program Success Team.
  • Account Creation and Email Generation: The Age of Learning Foundation program success team will use the information provided to create the accounts. They will then generate an email that explains the setup process. The email will be sent directly to administrator and class level email  
  • Administrators and Teachers Receive Setup Email: The classroom email account will receive an email containing a unique link for Educator Center. This link is intended only for the designated teacher for that classroom and should not be shared. When they click on the unique link, they will be prompted to set up their account by choosing a secure password for their account.


  • Accessing Educator Center and Digital Learning Solutions:  All staff members with credentials can access the Educator Center and designated digital learning solutions.  The credentials are the same for both.   Staff enter the username (email) and password when prompted. 


It is recommended that an organization administrator maintain an internal list of usernames (emails).  If an educator forgets the username, the administrator can easily find and share the username. Following these steps will help the partner organization and its teachers gain access to the Educator Center and digital learning solutions with the appropriate credentials and permissions. 

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