What levels of data are accessible in the Educator Center?

The Age of Learning Foundation coordinates with partners and their designated Mastery Learning Coordinator to determine the level of access to data based on roles and responsibilities. The Educator Center provides access to educational data at four different levels: 

  • Country Level: Designated staff will have access to all country level data. They can filter the data down to region, school, classroom, and student levels. This level provides the broadest view of educational data across the entire country. 
  • Region Level: Designated staff will have access to school, classroom, and student data within their specific region. This level allows users to view and analyze data at a regional level. 
  • School Level: School leaders will have access to classroom and student data within their school. This level provides insights into data specific to a particular school. 
  • Classroom Level: Teachers will have access to student data within their own classrooms. This level allows teachers to focus on individual students’ progress and performance. 


Access levels are set to ensure appropriate data access and privacy for different users, and users will only be able to view data relevant to their roles and responsibilities. 

To access the Educator Center, mastery coordinating staff and educators can log into the Educator Center here. From there, they can utilize the features and gain valuable insights into their students’ learning and progress using adaptive mastery learning solutions. 

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