What products are available and what are the benefits of the products? 

The Age of Learning Foundation offers three main products to cater to the diverse needs of their partners: 

Adaptive Mastery Learning Solutions 

My Math Academy®: This solution focuses on math learning and employs adaptive mastery techniques. Learners are assessed initially, and based on their performance, a personalized learning path is created. As learners engage in gameplay, the system continuously monitors their performance and adjusts the learning content accordingly. This ensures that learners remain in their Zone of Proximal Development, the ideal zone for optimal learning. 

My Reading Academy™️: Similar to My Math Academy, this solution is designed for reading instruction. It follows the same adaptive mastery learning approach where learners’ initial assessment leads to personalized learning paths. As learners interact with the platform through game-based activities, the system adapts to their progress, ensuring they stay in their Zone of Proximal Development for effective learning. 

Discovery Learning Solutions 

ABCmouse® English: This solution is focused on English language learning instruction. Learners follow a predetermined learning path, but they have the flexibility to progress at their own pace. This allows each student to learn in a way that suits their individual needs and learning style. 


The Age of Learning Foundation‘s program implementation team works closely with their partners to identify the most suitable learning solutions and resources based on their specific needs and requirements. 

By offering a range of adaptive mastery and discovery learning solutions, along with comprehensive support for educators, the foundation aims to enhance the learning experiences of students and promote effective teaching practices.  Please contact us to discuss further. 

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