What program support does the Age of Learning Foundation Provide?

The Age of Learning Foundation supports mastery learning programs in partner countries in a variety of ways:


  • Country Partnerships: We partner with education ministries to pilot, scale, and mainstream mastery learning programs.
  • Mastery Solutions: We introduce mastery learning solutions and other digital learning initiatives to help schools and households personalize and improve learning.
  • Teacher Development: We orient, onboard, and develop teachers, and other officials involved in education delivery to help them achieve mastery learning excellence.
  • Family Involvement: We engage families in mastery learning so they can participate in children’s education and growth.
  • Funding Mobilization:  We partner with grantmakers to put philanthropy to work as a resource to transform learning opportunities.
  • Learning Outcomes: We collect data, produce evidence, and share best practices to help partner countries make progress toward ending learning poverty.

 Learn more about our delivery model.

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