What roles and permissions are available?

The Educator Center supports different roles and permissions.  These permissions determine what actions the individuals can perform within the Educator Center. Here is a breakdown of the permissions and their descriptions: 

Permission Definitions 

The Age of Learning Foundation program success team will work with partners to understand the permissions. Broadly, the permissions allow users different levels of access from rostering to viewing data.  

  • Administrator Accounts: Allows the administrator to create additional administrators at lower levels. This means they can create new administrator accounts for other users within the organization with lower privilege.
  • Manual Roster: Allows users to add, create, and edit student and teacher records directly through the Administrator Portal. 
  • Upload Roster: Allows users to manage rosters through CSV upload. They can upload and manage student and teacher records using CSV files.
  • Licenses: Users with this permission can assign licenses to students and distribute licenses to teachers or staff members below them. This permission enables the distribution of licenses for various educational resources or software.
  • Reports: Allows users to view the Dashboard tab. The Dashboard likely contains important metrics, analytics, and data about the educational system’s performance, progress, and key indicators.
  • Resources: Allows users to view the Resources tab. This tab probably contains educational materials, documents, links, or other resources relevant to the educational process or system.
  • Sponsor: The administrator only has access to the Dashboard tab, but all personally identifiable information (PII) such as student names is hidden. This means the administrator can view the Dashboard, but sensitive information about students is protected.


Permission Assignment 

The Age of Learning Foundation program success team will work with partners to identify users and levels of permissions. Designated Educator Center administrators for our partners will be to create additional administrators and assign permissions by following these steps.  

  • Click the Add New Role hyperlink in the Manage Administrator section.

  • Under Roles, select the District that the administrator will manage.

  • If the administrator does not need access to the entire district, continue to select the School or Class they will manage. This step is used to specify the scope of the administrator’s responsibilities.

  • Choose which administrator permissions to enable. By default, all permissions are disabled. Select the specific permissions based on the role and responsibilities of the new administrator.

  • If an administrator needs access to additional levels, such as more than one school, repeat steps 3 and 4. This step is optional and is used to grant access to additional levels of the educational hierarchy.

  • Select Save to save the new role with the assigned permissions.


By following these steps, the Educator Center can create administrators and users with specific roles and permissions tailored to their responsibilities within the educational organization. 

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