What skills does ABCmouse Aprende Inglés teach?

Level 1 includes 65 lessons that build the foundation of listening and speaking skills for children who have no prior experience learning English or who are very young. 

Its goal is to introduce children to the English language and begin to develop listening and speaking skills through engaging activities so that the child is able to enunciate simple sentence patterns and identify basic vocabulary.

This level consists of essential basic sentence structures and everyday topics including animals, indoor and outdoor objects, food, and actions. Children first learn basic vocabulary and then simple sentence structures with which they can use their new vocabulary. 

Children will learn many types of simple sentence structures including affirmations, negations, questions, and imperatives.

Level 1 also contains videos with real people and introduces teacher Jennifer and her friends from the US. Together they teach and expose the vocabulary and phrases of each lesson to the children. 

Children can practice their new language with our interactive activities designed specifically to help them learn English. They can also practice pronunciation with our speech recognition and assessment technology! 

By the end of this level, children are expected to:

  • Give and follow directions.
  • Ask and answer simple questions.
  • Identify animals, food, and objects.
  • Learn colors and numbers from 1 to 10.

Level 2 includes 65 lessons that strengthen your child’s listening and speaking skills. Its goal is to develop children’s interest and confidence in learning English while continuing to provide younger learners with simple vocabulary and phrases. In this way, your child is expected to be able to understand and participate in simple conversations in English.

This level consists of common topics and everyday conversations including greetings and introductions, parts of the body, clothing, colors, family members and people, the classroom, and numbers. As they learn this vocabulary, children also learn about simple grammatical features and sentence structures including plurals, pronouns, modal verbs, adjectives, and imperatives.

Level 2 contains entertaining animations and videos that will introduce a whole cast of new characters to help your child learn and enjoy English. Children can continue to practice their new language with our fun and interactive activities designed specifically to help children learn English.

By the end of this level, children are expected to:

  • Use cordial expressions to greet others and during a conversation.
  • Identify and describe people and objects.
  • Count and use numbers appropriately.
  • Express your preference using the expressions “I like” (I like) and “I don’t like” (I don’t like).
  • Express your ability to do something using the expressions “I can” (I can) and “I can’t” (I can’t).
  • Give and follow directions.
  • Ask and answer simple questions.

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