What type of data is available to teachers?

At the classroom level, the Educator Center provides various dashboards that offer insights into student usage and progress. The data available includes: 


  1. Student Usage in Minutes: Teachers can see the amount of time students have spent using each product. This allows them to track how much time students are dedicating to their learning activities. 
  2.  Student Progress: The Usage Tracker provides information about student progress in terms of minutes spent on learning activities. Teachers can monitor individual student progress to see how they are advancing over time. 
  3. Weekly Goal Achievement: Teachers can view whether students are meeting the weekly goal of 60 minutes per week. This helps in assessing how well students are keeping up with their learning targets. 
  4. Number of Skills Being Worked On: The Usage Tracker allows teachers to see how many skills each student is currently working on. This provides insights into the variety and complexity of the topic’s students are engaged with. 
  5. Placement Report Status: Teachers can check the status of the Placement Report for each student. The report becomes accessible once the student completes all pre-tests. The Placement Report helps teachers understand the students’ initial skill levels and knowledge gaps. 
  6. Identifying Students in Need of Support: The Usage Tracker helps identify students who may require additional support. It indicates the number of skills each student is having  
  7. Student’s Overall Usage History: Teachers can access the students’ overall history of product usage. This allows them to track trends and patterns in students’ engagement and learning behavior over time. 


Overall, the Usage Tracker provides valuable data for teachers to monitor student engagement, progress, and areas of improvement. This information can help educators make informed decisions about their teaching strategies and provide personalized support to students as needed. 

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