What type of information and data is available at the organization level?

At the organization level, the Educator Center provides various dashboards that offer insights into class usage, as well as student usage and progress. The data available at the organization level includes: 


Usage Tracker – This Week 

  • Student Engagement This Week: Provides a snapshot of the percentage of student usage for the current week. It includes the number of students rostered, the percentage of active students using the program, and the percentage of students on track to reach the goal of 60 minutes of usage per week. 
  • Tracking against a 60-minute Goal: Demonstrates how many students are active out of the total number of students rostered at the district level. It also shows the percentage of active students and the percentage of students on track to reaching the usage goal of 60 minutes. 


Usage Tracker – History 

  • Percentage Of Rostered Students Who are Active per Week: Shows the number of students using the program each week, including all students rostered in the organization. 
  • Percentage of Active Students by Weekly Time Spent: Presents the percentage of active students based on their weekly time spent using the program. This data excludes students who did not use the program during that week. 


Overall Progress: 

  •  Shows the status of students using the programs and their progression through Skills and Concepts. 
  •  Ability to view data for each Skill and Concept and the number of students in categories such as Prior Knowledge, Completed, In Progress, and Needs Support. 
  •  Provides a search feature to look for specific skills, grade levels, and status. 


Throughout these dashboards, users can filter the data based on different organization levels such as country, region, and school levels. Additionally, users can select specific products to view the data, with the default product being My Math Academy®. 


Overall, the organization-level data allows educational institutions to monitor student engagement, progress, and usage of educational programs and identify areas where students may need additional support or intervention. 


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