What type of internet provider service is required?

The type of internet provider service required for the adaptive mastery learning solutions and discovery solutions provided by the Age of Learning Foundation is one that can deliver a minimum download speed of 5 MB per second and an upload speed of 2 MB per second. The recommended speed for the solutions to work effectively is 2mb/s. 

To determine your internet speed, you can conduct a speed test using Speed Test or Speed of Me. Connect a device to your Wi-Fi network and follow the instructions on the speed test website to get your download and upload speed results. 

If you’re not getting the recommended speed or facing any issues with your internet connection, it is advised to contact your internet service provider (ISP) for further assistance and insight into improving the speed or resolving any problems. 

The Age of Learning Foundation does not endorse a specific ISP but relies on partners to work with their ISPs for appropriate solutions. 

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