What types of capacity strengthening are available?

The Age of Learning Foundation offers several types of organizational capacity strengthening to support partners in their educational initiatives across the board from Ministry to educators. Broadly, the Foundation provides technological professional development and educator professional development with the goal of helping stakeholders understand roles and responsibilities. 

Technological Professional Development  

This professional development is targeted at technologists within the country, district, and school who are responsible for implementing and maintaining adaptive mastery learning solutions and discovery learning solutions. The technological professional development covers the following areas: 

  • Technological Readiness: Ensuring that the infrastructure and systems are ready to support the implementation of digital learning solutions. 
  • Managing the Rostering Process: Handling student and educator data and managing user accounts within the digital learning platform. 
  • Device Maintenance: Ensuring the proper functioning and maintenance of devices used for digital learning, such as computers, tablets, or other electronic devices. 
  • Continuous Professional Development: Keeping technologists up to date with the latest updates and improvements in the digital learning applications. 


Educator Professional Development  

This professional development is designed to support educators in understanding and effectively utilizing the educational benefits of adaptive mastery learning solutions and discovery learning solutions. The educator professional development includes the following elements: 

  • Educational Benefits of Applications: Explaining how digital learning applications can enhance the teaching and learning process. 
  • Integration into Lessons: Assisting educators in integrating the applications into their curriculum and lesson plans effectively. 
  • Accessing Educator Center and Dashboards: Providing guidance on how to access and use the educator center and dashboards to monitor student progress and performance. 
  • Continuous Training on Data Analysis: Helping educators analyze data generated by the digital learning solutions to inform their instructional practices. 
  • Planning for Personalization: Supporting educators in tailoring their teaching methods to meet individual student needs and preferences. 


The Age of Learning Foundation offers training in different formats to accommodate partner preferences and needs. The available training formats are: 

  • In-Person: Face-to-face training sessions conducted at designated locations.

  • Virtual: Online training sessions conducted in real-time, allowing for interactive participation, and questions and answers. 

  • Asynchronous: Self-paced training materials that can be accessed and completed at the participant’s convenience. 


Overall, the Age of Learning Foundation is committed to creating a comprehensive professional development plan in collaboration with our partners to address both initial and continuous capacity strengthening needs for technologists and educators alike. 

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