Where can class rosters and student information be found?

Class rosters and student information can be viewed through the Educator Center.  


To access this information, users need to log in with their username (email) and password, which were created during the credential process. Once logged in, they will see a menu on the left side with different options. 

  • At the Organization Level View, all students will be listed, and users can access information related to the country, region, district, school, classes, and students. The Age of Learning Foundation program success team will help partners determine which users have permissions to access this level of data. By navigating to the class and teacher levels, users can see the students within specific classrooms.  
  • At the Classroom Level View, teachers can view the information of all the students within their classroom. Clicking on a student’s name will reveal their demographic information, such as name, grade, language, and parent or student email (if provided). Additionally, class assignments and product licenses assigned to the student will be listed. 


Teachers can update student demographic information at this level.  Staff members with appropriate permissions can also archive, delete, move, and change licenses for students.  All updated information will need to be saved. 

If a problem is encountered (student missing from class, incorrect license assigned, etc.), please contact Educator Center administrator for your organization. If the administrator needs assistance, please visit the help center.    

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