Who should lead implementation of mastery learning?

The Age of Learning Foundation functions in support of the education sector plans of partner countries. 

Think of us an innovation partner for countries seeking to end learning poverty by giving children the chance to master what they learn.

Ultimate leadership of a country’s mastery learning program, therefore, should sit with government.

We think it is helpful for governments to establish a mastery learning program steering committee to support overall good governance.

Ideally, the steering committee should include officials from the ministries of education, technology, and finance.

Direct or indirect representation from the Age of Learning Foundation and from select implementing and funding partner organizations will likely be helpful.

The government should also designate a mastery learning program champion. Someone in civil service with sufficient commitment, leadership, influence, and ability to execute effectively.

This should be a leader that stakeholders can trust to guide program development, facilitate stakeholder engagement, and support program implementation with fidelity.

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