Why is a student missing from the class view on the digital learning solution?

There are several possible reasons why a student might be missing from the class view on the digital learning solution: 


  1. Rostering Error: During the rostering process, it’s possible that a mistake occurred and the student was not properly added to the class in the digital learning system. This could be due to human error or technical issues during the data entry. 
  2. Incorrect Class Assignment: The student might have been assigned to the wrong class, which could have happened during the rostering process or due to administrative errors. 
  3. Licensing Issue: If the digital learning solution requires licenses for students to access certain features or courses, the missing student may not have been assigned the appropriate license, or the license might be missing altogether. 
  4. Technical Glitch: In some cases, technical glitches or system errors can cause data discrepancies, resulting in the student not appearing in the correct class view. 


To address the issue, the following steps are recommended: 

  1. Log into the Educator Center: Access the Educator Center and navigate to the menu bar on the left and select the Student option to view the student roster. 
  2.  Search for the Missing Student: Look for the missing student in the class view. If the student is not listed, it indicates that the student is missing from the class. 
  3. Contact the Educator Center Administrator: If the student is missing, promptly reach out to the your organizations Educator Center administrator or relevant administrative personnel to inform them about the issue. 
  4. Verify Licenses: If the student is listed but appears to have limited access or is missing certain features, scroll down to check their licenses. Ensure that the student has been assigned the appropriate license for their access level. 
  5. Contact Educator Center Administrator for Licensing Issues: If the license is missing or incorrect, contact the your organizations Educator Center administrator to address the licensing problem and resolve it by assigning the correct license to the student. 


By following these steps and involving the school administrator, the issue of the missing student can be properly addressed and resolved, ensuring that the student is correctly enrolled in the appropriate class with the necessary licenses. 

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