Why is my child awarded tickets and prizes at ABCmouse Aprende Inglés?

The Tickets and Rewards system has been designed to reward learning and encourage children to find new activities to do while incorporating number and math concepts along the way. 

Your child will have many opportunities to earn tickets as they complete lessons on the Learning Path. 

Your child can then use those tickets to go to Ticket City and play games and learning activities in English of their choice, including Pet Park.

We know kids love playing the game of earning, spending and keeping track of their tickets. In addition, making these decisions offers them the opportunity to practice important critical thinking skills. 

By doing so, they will strengthen their level of understanding of basic math concepts and earn rewards for their work.

It might help to explain to your child that they should use the tickets however they like to “buy” whatever they want in Ticket City, because it’s possible to keep earning more tickets.

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